UPSC Online Coaching - Best Online Courses for UPSC Civil Services Exam

UPSC Online Coaching provides the flexibility to access study materials, lectures, and tests at any time and from any location with an internet connection. Aspirants can create their study schedule, enabling them to balance preparation with other commitments, such as jobs or studies. Online coaching features experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are experts in various subjects and topics relevant to the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Aspirants can learn from the best educators from across the country, regardless of their physical location.

UPSC Online Coaching - Best Online Courses for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Benefits of UPSC Online Coaching

UPSC Civil Services Examination has a vast syllabus. But under the right guidance, it can be easily covered. While it is not possible for everyone to opt for Offline UPSC CSE coaching, online coaching can help you go a long way in your UPSC CSE journey. Here are a few benefits of enrolling in an UPSC Online Coaching:

  • Online coaching platforms provide comprehensive study materials, including video lectures, e-books, and PDF notes, which cover the entire UPSC syllabus. These materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam pattern and changes in the curriculum.
  • UPSC Online coaching offers interactive learning experiences through live classes and doubt-solving sessions. Aspirants can actively engage with educators, enhancing their understanding and retention of complex topics.
  • Online coaching provides regular mock tests and assessments, simulating the actual UPSC CSE environment. These practice tests help aspirants evaluate their preparation level, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary improvements.
  • Online coaching often emphasises time management techniques, which are crucial for the UPSC exam, known for its extensive syllabus and time constraints during the actual test.
  • Online coaching provides personalised learning plans, tailoring study schedules and content based on an aspirant's strengths, weaknesses, and individual learning pace.
  • Aspirants can access recorded video lectures and study materials for revision and review, allowing them to reinforce their understanding of concepts and revise specific topics as needed.

Vajiram & Ravi UPSC Online Courses

2-Year Fledgling General Studies Live-Online Programme

The V&R General Studies Fledgling Comprehensive 2-Years Programme Live-Online aims to establish the fundamental knowledge base with all the essential understanding and retention. The Programme will evolve from fundamental to advanced knowledge of General Studies to prepare students for the Prelims & Mains of the Civil Services Exam, as per the UPSC curriculum.

Online Classroom Benefits:

  • Live streaming of the classes will allow students to experience a virtual classroom at home, simply put its education anytime and anywhere.
  • Students can voice doubts in front of classmates in the live-online classroom session.

General Studies Prelims Cum Mains Online Programme

By offering the V&R PCM General Studies Comprehensive 10-Months Live-Online Programme, Vajiram & Ravi has designed the pedology to deliver classes in a way that it aids the students cater to the understanding from basic to advanced level, according to the demand of the UPSC CSE syllabus. Through its comprehensive and effective schedule, which includes the timely completion of the syllabus and adequate time for repeated revisions, the Programme also aims to instil discipline, dedication, and tenacity in students.

StepUp Online Mentorship Programme

V&R StepUp Online Mentorship Programme, intends to meet the multifarious demands of UPSC. The primary goal of this mentorship programme is to provide a reliable structure of comprehensive guidance and mentorship to all aspirants for the Civil Services Exam, including both Prelims and Mains. It will cater to the preparation for the General Studies paper I, II, III, IV and the Essay paper.

Online Optional Subject Coaching

The main objective of Vajiram & Ravi Online Optional Subject Programme for the Civil Services Exam is to give students a solid grounding in the Optional Subject-Paper I & II complete syllabus, as well as direction on how to study, and how to use this knowledge to structure their answers to fetch good marks.

Ace College Foundation Live-Online Programme

The V&R Approach for Competitive Exams (ACE) College Foundation Programme will aid in the establishment of a solid General Studies Foundation, which is the most important part in many exams, along with the inculcation of essential Study Habits and the development of a Proper Aptitude for various Competitive Exams. It intends to provide the base for entry to the public sector through competitive exams.

Online Prelims Test Series

The V&R Online Prelims Test Series Programme consists of both Full-Length and Sectional Tests that aid students in their thorough and all-encompassing preparation, as well as revision, accuracy, time management, and focused preparation for the UPSC Civil Service Prelims Test. It equips the student with the skillset needed to solve MCQs.

There are various Online Prelims Test Series based on varying papers or segments, and objectives:

  • PowerUp General Studies Prelims Test Series
  • PowerUp Current Affairs Prelims Test Series
  • PowerUp Combined Prelims Test Series
  • CSAT Prelims Test Series
  • Prelims CAMP - Continuous Assessment and Monitoring Programme

CSAT Course Live-Online

The V&R CSAT Course is offered in a Live-Online mode. The Course's main objective is to give CSAT preparation a reliable framework for comprehensive knowledge and its implementation. In accordance with the specifications of the UPSC CSE syllabus, the classes are deliberately designed to impart the students with years of curated expertise, techniques, and methods and to have them practise the same during the classes and at home.

FAQs related to UPSC Online Coaching

Q) Will the online classes be conducted through live sessions, or will recorded class videos be provided?

Answer: Online classes will be conducted through the LIVE- classes mode, and recorded lectures will also be provided for revision.

Q) How can I address and clear my doubts during online classes?

Answer: Students can clear their doubts during the live class using the chat box option.

  • Teachers will read and answer the questions during the class.
  • Questions can also be asked through the doubt clearance section on the Student portal.
  • Any remaining doubts can be addressed during online mentoring sessions held periodically.

Q) Which devices should I use for the Online classes?

Answer: Access the online classes on website through Google Chrome browser or download our apps- Vajiram IAS app & Vajiram & Ravi Live Classes app from the play store on the mobile.

Q) Can I access online classes on smart TV?

Answer: No, the classes can only be accessed through a web browser on a laptop, computer, mobile, or Vajiram & Ravi apps.